Fit to be tied …..

I’m fit to be tied right now and in case this is not a saying that you are familiar with it means so frustrated that it is almost impossible to do anything at all!!!  Alan’s computer is archaic (I’m still glad to be able to use it for email though, thanks Alan!),  I have just lost everyting I posted to the blog this morning so am having to scrawl this out and call it a day now, apologies.  I had written a proper post about my latest nuno felt scarf, the progress of the book and a litle about my US trip but unfortunately all will have to wait until later as I need to drive over to my friend’s house now and work on the book, thanks Cathy and Martin for being so patient and allowing me to work at your house on functioning equipment, it’s much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Fit to be tied …..

  1. I just had some friends over who are also stuck with a non functioning internet connection. It’s astonishing to see that within a decade everybody has become so dependent on a well functioning life line with the world wide web. I hope your problems will be sorted out: fingers crossed!

  2. Ah friends with functioning technology can’t be beat. And if they come with beverages, snacks and sympathy then that’s just the icing on the cake.

    PS: Lol. Try translating the expression ‘put the heart across me’ to non-English speakers. That’s another good one.

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