Sorry to rant this morning …..

I am so frustrated I feel like exploding this morning.  Having backed my documents, pictures and videos successfully (I hope) my computer was restored to factory settings last night and is worse than ever now, I didn’t finish working on it until 12.15am and have been back stuck in front of it since early this morning too.  As you know I am very untidy, now I have to try and plough through all my papers to find the receipt for my Office suite and the computer itself, not holding my breath because I got it just over a year ago and don’t think that I am going to get anywhere with the vendors anyway.  Sorry about the rant but I am just SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!  Hopefully some felting will calm me down and Alan has promised to lend me his personal laptop tonight, fingers crossed nothing happens that one when I borrow it.  Felting update tomorrow all going well …………….


7 thoughts on “Sorry to rant this morning …..

  1. Nicola – so sorry to hear your technical problems are continuing. I know how you feel – I spilt tea on my keyboard yesterday and now I can’t even log on to my PC. Thank god for iPhones!

    Clearly it’s a sign we should stick to making felt instead!


  2. Nicola I feel for you!
    My laptop (my 1 and only way of using the internet) was restored to factory settings about 2 weeks ago (the manufacturers forgot to mention that Id lose my office suite & security programs etc.. they only said documents & pictures – and I am so tech-less that I didnt realise… nightmare getting everything back on). Now its playing up in the exact same way again so it was all for nothing! I think manufacturers guarentees are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!

    I’m with you I’d much rather be felting

  3. Ohhhh, there is NOTHING more frustrating than that! It’s amazing how much we depend on our computers now and when things aren’t working right, all seems wrong with the world! Best of luck, I know how it is….

  4. I know how you feel! My computer crashed last December, about a week after it was ‘fixed’……. and I lost everything!
    It’s okay to rant! It clears the head. Then you move on.

  5. Good morning Nicola,

    Uggghhhh….Very frustrating those computers when they’re not functioning properly. Just one thing that popped in my mind. Have you tried contacting your credit card company to see if they might be able to get you a copy of the receipt? Might be worth a try instead of having to shuffle through a year’s worth of paper (at least if your filing system is similar to mine;-)

    Hoping that those computer issues are resolved soon. I know how frustrating all of that is when you’re trying to get something done.


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