Mena’s beautiful felt beret and large bag!

As mentioned in the last post Borris Active Retirement had a ‘show and tell’ exhibition last Wednesday and I think this great picture of Mena with her felt beret and large bag sums it all up!  Still having ongoing computer problems (and now no anti virus protection) so apologies for the short post, they will be this way until things are finally sorted, hopefully by the weekend if all goes well. 

Mena's beautiful beret and bag with integrated handle!


7 thoughts on “Mena’s beautiful felt beret and large bag!

  1. How wonderful, Nicola! I can see how happy (and proud) she is from the photo!
    …and the shape of her bag looks verrry familiar!! 🙂
    Excellent work!!!
    I hope that you will sort out your computer problems soon! (It’s not fun.) XXO-

  2. Nicole…you are such a great embassador for felting and even international…felting knows no age limit apparently and its wonderful you did these workshops and that the participants seem to be thrilled with their work. good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a lovely photo, Mena looks so happy! What a beautiful beret and bag that she has made.

    Good luck getting the computer sorted..hope its not too stressful. I had to wipe mine and start from scratch a couple of weeks ago – pain in the bum!

  4. What a lovely beret and bag. And Mena looks adorable.
    Every family should have a Mena. I send her hugs and kisses from across the pond (Canada).

  5. Good morning Nicola,

    Mena’s bag and beret are fantastic. She has much reason to be proud of her hard work. A very bright spot in the mix of computer headaches (hope that is remedied soon).

    Big hugs,

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