Nuno felt, show and tell, picture of the beautiful felt bags created at the workshop on Saturday!

It is 14.52 as I sit down to write this post and although I had planned to felt from dawn to dusk today I haven’t managed to get one piece of wool or silk laid out yet, UGH!!!  I have decided to keep this brief …..

  • My project for the day is a nuno felt collar.
  • Borris Active Retirement had a fantastic ‘show and tell exhibition’ last Wednesday – I am currently downloading all the pictures that I have been emailed from the afternoon and hope to upload them to Flickr tomorrow.
  • Saturday’s felt bag workshop was brilliant and unfortunately the following photo does not do either the participants or the bags full credit!  It was lashing (wet and windy in Irish!) when we had finished, photography was difficult and two of the bags need a little bit of finishing.  I’m guessing you will get the idea anyway, I was so impressed with the individuality of the work and will blog properly about our day next time I get a minute.  Agnieszka has already posted a couple of pictures about the progress of her bag to her blog and I am guessing we might get a clear picture of the finished bag there before very long.  Her spinning and dyeing is like eye candy anyway so I think that you will enjoy browsing her work even if it is a few days before the completed bag is revealed!!!
  • My computer is really having some problems so I am on call for a friend to take remote control once more while he removes everything that is loaded on it and hopefully starts from scratch to iron out all my issues!
Mary, Agniezszka, Gerd and Helena with their wonderful bags!



4 thoughts on “Nuno felt, show and tell, picture of the beautiful felt bags created at the workshop on Saturday!

  1. Nicola,
    thanks for a lovely workshop. I really enjoyed myself and do not regret getting up before dawn to get to your place on time. The bag is almost complete now, I worked on it a bit yesterday and exposed the pebbles (could not wait any longer). They came out great! White background looks really nice and you can see the colours of the glass pebbles. The strap needs more work and then I’m thinking of adding some needle felted design on the flap and maybe some small beads. We’ll see… I will keep posting updates on my blog. I love all the bags we managed to make that day, thanks for all your help Nicola, you’re my felting guru!

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