Long day felting ahead fueled by inspirational photos from the West

Fossils at the shore near Enniscrone

I have just returned from an unexpected visit to Alan’s parents in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. It’s a long drive from here, about 4 hours on rural roads no matter which route you take or how fast you try to drive it! Enniscrone is a small town on the Western coast and there are some amazing fossils in the local rock which I just love taking pictures of for inspiration.  I also picked up some wonderful small stones which will be perfect for incorporating into felt jewellery or some other work to document for our book!  I’m off now for a late breakfast (freshly ground coffee and corn bread, Heather’s receipe) and then Carmen and I will be spending the day felting together, tomorrow is St Patrick’s day and we may well felt together all day then too if Carmen has the day off work!!! 

Connemara ponies in the setting sun - photo taken off the West coast at Easky, Co. Sligo

8 thoughts on “Long day felting ahead fueled by inspirational photos from the West

  1. happy st. Patrick’s day Nicola!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog again…we lost each other a bit.
    I’m so glad for you Horst is coming..I hear Dorie’s stories about it and it wil be big fun.


  2. Hmmm, Cornbread??!! My FAV thing in the world!! Is there a link to Heather’s recipe perhaps? Many thanks from Canada! Debbe

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! Yum, cornbread sounds wonderful about now;-) Already had the coffee….Of course. Glad that you found such inspiration on your trip. Will look forward to seeing pictures of the pieces that were inspired by the found objects.


  4. Happy St PAtricks day…………….to you Nicola. We have finished our corned beef dinner, which is a must here today. I just found out that both my grandfathers parents were from Ireland. Now I have to find out from where.

    Hope you had a good day!!!


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