Wonderful felt completed by the girls today for CRAFTed!!!

Over the next few days I hope to upload pictures from our last CRAFTed session in Kilkenny.  Some of the girls have taken more images and these will be send to me on a disc but for the moment here are 3 pics from this morning, didn’t they do WELL?????

Brilliant felt vessel

The class split up into different groups today and everyone got their individual pieces fulled, most of the bags now have handles, flaps and buttons and everyone also got to start decorating their squares on the joint wall hanging.  I am so pleased with how well everyone completed their personal pieces, really the quality of the work was excellent especially considering nobody had ever handled wool batts before the beginning of our first session!

Mary's FIRST piece of felt, a gorgeous bag!

Mairead will now work with the girls over the coming couple of weeks and all the rest of the stitching, embellishing and other final touches will be completed in class and at home.  I am really looking forward to calling into the school to take a group photo with the finished felt, then all we have to
do is invite the parents and press to the open evening, I bet we get a good turnout!!!  More pictures to follow on Flickr over the next few days but I have to sort out my studio yet again for a workshop in the morning so for now, adieu. 

The wall hanging starting to take shape


5 thoughts on “Wonderful felt completed by the girls today for CRAFTed!!!

  1. Wow! They are really getting the hang of it! Did you apply for a grant for CraftEd? I would love to do the same in Dingle…

  2. Wow!!!! Fantastic results from your students at CraftEd…I’ll bet there are some future felt superstars in that group. Looks like they really enjoyed their experience and the results are terrific!!! I’m sure they were so happy to have you sharing your knowledge with them. Thank you for sharing the wonderful images.


  3. Hi, the first time I ever tried felting was going into my daughter’s primary school to help out at a workshop. While it was all good fun I remember feeling that the kids all just made a little patch of felt, which they enjoyed doing, but the whole creative process was in the hands of the workshop woman, who took their work and chopped it up and made a collage of her own design. It seemed like a lost opportunity. Great to see young people getting a chance to do creative work.
    thanks for sharing

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