CRAFTed continues tomorrow and spring lambs at Clasheen!

Our final joint session for CRAFTed takes place tomorrow morning but I am not saying that our collaboration ends there, rather it moves into a new phase.  By lunchtime the girls will have finished their individual projects and hopefully be well underway embellishing their squares for the group wall hanging.  After that Mairead will help them finish  these over the next few weeks while I will wrap up documenting our progress here, the girls will edit their video footage and then, we will all meet up again for an exhibition, video screening and chat with their parents!!!

Spring lambs in the late afternoon

I wanted to leave you today with this evocative picture I took yesterday afternoon when I was walking down the lane from collecting my post.  The light was fading but the spring lambs were having a lovely time in the fields, one of my favourite sounds at this time of year is when I hear them bleating and see them skipping around!


3 thoughts on “CRAFTed continues tomorrow and spring lambs at Clasheen!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    What a wonderful image to start the day! And, it serves to remind me that Spring will eventually arrive here, too.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. I agree with Dawn, it was nice to see such lovely signs of spring, especially since we still have a good 2 feet of snow left on the ground.

    Of course, even when spring arrives here, we don’t see lambs skipping around- so that was a special treat!

    Thanks for sharing!

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