Largest ArtL!nks vessel underway and pictures of my stash from Avoca!

My largest ArtL!nks vessel is now underway and I thought I would share this picture with you all, it’s not got the best colour contrast but it does give an idea of the size involved when you see the template beside my washing up bowl and sprinkler! 

Putting the vessel size in perspective

Eventually I decided to lay merino on the inside and mohair waste on the outside for this experiment.  I do really want to have a large vessel with the chocolate and orange design but for the first one this will be a less costly experiment if anything does go wrong!  More pictures of the vessel in progress are going up on Flickr but I don’t know how many I will have time to upload before I have to pack the truck for my session with Borris Active Retirement this afternoon.

I also promised you a couple of pictures of the goodies I scored at Avoca on Saturday, well here they are, one more to follow tomorrow!!! 

My Valentine's Day jacket from Alan

Gorgeous tweed and new stash of buttons!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!  XXX

7 thoughts on “Largest ArtL!nks vessel underway and pictures of my stash from Avoca!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    That Alan has good taste…And you’re not going to put on extra poundage with your gift. Mine…chocolate…And you know my lack of willpower when it comes to sweets! Somebody come and help me eat it and save me from myself!!!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see this vessel completed. Make sure you’re taking a breather every now and again…Makes me tired just thinking of all the work that goes into a vessel of that size.


  2. As eveeryone has said, the jacket is beautiful. Love the texture of the fabric and it looks like it could be worn with a lot of things. Now the vessel……………….that is one B-I-G undertaking. I will be anxious to see how it progresses too. Keep the pictures coming……………………….


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