First pictures from CRAFTed project!

Only a few words today because I used most of them up with sixth class this morning!!! 

Having fun adding the surface decoration


I was blown away by how creative everyone was.  Each pupil was asked to choose two colours to use as a base, then they could select from all sorts of yarn, fibre and fabric to add to the surface layer.  A lot of the girls had brought in beads, buttons, pipe cleaners and all sorts of glitzy embellishments with them and these will be stitched on next Monday before the felt gets stuck to the front of their journals.  A tip for anyone wanting an easy way to decorate a copy, why not stick velcro to the book and then just press the felt to the barbed side of the velcro???  No sewing, I like that! 

Anyone see a favourite colour combination here???

Some of the pieces were fully felted by the end of the session but others will need a little more fulling at home before they are ready to embellish with stitches, beads and buttons.  It is always interesting to see how different people felt at different speeds, one of the last girls to lay out her wool was in turn one of the only girls who ended up with a fully felted piece at the end of the session!

Metallic mesh fabric, thick and thin merino, little buttons to be stitched on afterwards

There is no right or wrong way to felt either as many ways to end up with a good finished result but I always like to share with pupils what I was shown when I started because I feel it gives a good foundation to build upon.  You can check out my flat felt tutorial if you want to see what we did today.


19 thoughts on “First pictures from CRAFTed project!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    What a great looking group of eager students. No wonder you were so impressed. I’ll bet there are some future felt superstars in that group. They were so lucky to have you as their instructor…What an opportunity!

    Off to get the coffee started so I can wake Heather…Wish you were here, too:-)


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  3. hi nicola i enjoyed the felting it was very fun my favourite bit was putting the wool out on the bubble wrap i didnt like rolling it for so long but i loved everything else i am hoping to make a bag on friday i cant wait to do another lesson like all the other girls in my class at presentation see you on friday yours sincerely ella

  4. Hi Nicola had fun on wednesday and can’t wait till Friday.
    My favorite part was layind the wool.
    For my project i would like to make a bag.
    Bye for now

  5. hey Nicola, Ciara here just like to say it was great fun on Wednesday. i loved rolling because it just felt so weird. I didn’t really like the rolling tho. Was hoping to do like a small, yellow circular kind of a pillow case with a smiley face on it and a gap in it so i can stitch on a zip. well anyway GREAT fun see you o friday bye!! ^_^

  6. hey nicola,
    its rachelle at pres we had lots of fun last wed
    i didnt think it would take as long but i enjoyed every bit of it
    cant wait for friday
    see you friday Rachelle

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  8. Hi its me again just saying i cant wait till tomorrow and im hoping i am able to make the bag and it doesnt come out horible.

  9. Hiya Niocla cant wait for tomorrow.It will be really fn loved the piece last week.UGHHH more rolling my arms get soooooooooooooooooo tierd but it is still really fun

    Bye for now
    Emma xxxxx
    🙂 🙂 :d 😛
    Presentation Primary

  10. hi nicola its ella loved making my bag cant wait to finish it hope it wont take me much longer 😀 and i am going to stitch 2 pockets onto it and lots of buttons see u on friday 😀 🙂

  11. Hi Nicola,like the pictures u put up of us cant wait till after the mid-term.I hope we get everything done in our last 2 hours.

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