Pretty snowed under …..

I promise a proper post tomorrow but for this evening I am pretty snowed under metaphorically speaking and with a change in temperature and colour outside (the colour over the mountains is always an indicator!) I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a fall of snow sometime this evening too.  Plenty of felting from Monday and Tuesday to document and report followed by a full day training with the Crafts Council yesterday (very exciting, more anon), golf club meeting yesterday evening and then a full day teaching today coupled with a TOTALLY bunged up sink downstairs (now unblocked thanks to Carmen’s turbo style plunger) mean all I am fit to do now is put some food in the oven and relax for a while!!!


4 thoughts on “Pretty snowed under …..

  1. I am almost as inspired by your “carry on, regardless” descriptions of the obstacles and challenges that get in the way of your felting (No water today? hmmm. Melt some snow for tea!) as I am by your wonderful felting! You have such a wonderful attitude and such a generous spirit to share so much with fellow feltmakers.

  2. Nicola…………..I was just asked a question and I do not know the answer……….someone has about 6″ long fur from the Great Pyrennese dog. Can this be used in felting??? I am not sure if animal fur has the barbs like sheep wool.

    Any info would be appreciated



  3. I have actually felted with dog hair myself (present from a student) and I think it was Pyrennese too, the fibres came together really well but it stank as I was working it and had a totally diffenent handle than wool!!!

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