Another ArtL!nks vessel underway

This morning I started my largest ArtL!nks vessel to date, the template I am using is a couple of inches bigger all round than my dustbin lid or trash can lid as those of you would say in the USA!  I know that part of my original proposal was to set up a seperate blog to write exclusively about the project but to be honest I have decided that it makes a lot more sense to document my progress here, it is felting after all and this is the place all my friends come to when they want to discover what I have been up to during the day!!! 

One side laid out with prefelt and two layers of white merino, two more layers to go

Anyway, I need to buy more laminate floor underlay and a fresh roll of bubble wrap later in the week because while this vessel will be large it is still not going to be as large as my final work and I need more resist material to draft out the biggest template.  I want this largest vessel to have a finished diameter of approx 1m (just over 3′) and when I am in town I think it would be fantastic if I could find some huge balloons over which to shape and dry the piece, it would be so much easier to finish if there was already a shape inside to felt towards.  Thanks to everybody who is leaving comments here and on Flickr about the vessels I have felted to date, it is interesting as well to have a debate about the merits of stiffening felt versus shrinking and working without stiffener and hardening the piece by hand.  We might talk about how I am shrinking and firming up the vessels in the next post, for now I am going to get a quick cup of 3 ginger tea and then off to do some more rubbing and felting!


9 thoughts on “Another ArtL!nks vessel underway

  1. For a large shape why not try a yoga ball. They deflate for easy removal. I bought one to make a large vessel. I haven’t done it yet but its on the project list.

  2. Yoga ball sounds cool!

    Yes, thanks for including your ArtLinks items here. Makes it so much easier to keep up with you and ooh and ahh!

    BTW, I gifted my sister your beautiful grey-and-white Nuno felt scarf this Christmas. I got it from you some time ago and had it in mind for her. She loves it and is VERY impressed at your skill and talent!

  3. Good morning Nicola,

    Hey thanks for the sizing reference for those of us in the U.S. … Though dust bin sounds so much nicer than trash bin:-)

    Love the design work on your vessels.

    Will look forward to any possible discussion of hardening the felt through the felting process vs. addition of a stiffening agent. I haven’t had much experience with using stiffeners, but would be interested in learning of its merits and applications. We did use a textile medium on very thin felt in Chad Alice Hagen’s bookmaking class last year at felt camp, but would be interested in its use in larger applications.

    So glad that you’re feeling better and back into the felting groove.


  4. Hi Nicola,

    I agree with Dawn regarding a discussion about using stiffeners. I have tried a few in the past (my gosh, can’t even remember what I used) and I decided to do it by hand. I think someone mentioned a sort of shellac?

    But anything that would cut down “hand time” would be great!

    Love the design on this gorgeous bowl!

    I look forward to all your e-mails – you have some great connections and hope you are on the mend!

  5. My blog has lots of info on stiffeners and what works and what does not. The biggest question for a lot of felters is that, because stiffeners add a non-natural element to a felted object, it is no longer an only-felted object.

  6. Hey Nicola, Looking forward to watching the progression of this vessel. I was at a forum last year, where a felt artist was teaching her students to stiffen their work using Bondcrete ( a product here in Oz). I felt the felt and nearly died at how disgusting it was. At that point I vowed never to use a hardening agent, not that I ever have. I have a few tips you might like when you get to that stage. Cheers from Oz, Tanya

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