Flu and felt!

Cristina and I had a lovely time felting together although we did miss our friend Sheila who had some sick bodies to look after and couldn’t make it down from Dublin, hope everyone is feeling a lot better by now Sheila.  Unfortunately I seem to have succumbed to some kind of flu myself (how annoying is that) so I am going to keep this post brief and share a couple of pictures of two sleeveless jackets, one which I made a while ago (and now has a new home with Cristina!) and the other which Cristina made during her stay here at Clasheen! 

Detail from the front of Cristina's jacket

Cristina’s white jacket is worked from needle punched felt and has some lovely raised detail inspired by some interesting techniques of Danish felter Charlotte Buch.   The merino in mine picks up the colours of the large hand dyed silk lap which formed the basis of the design, I love the texture this silk adds to the surface and the little holes which I emphasised in the wool. 

Close up showing how the silk laps add texture to the felt surface


5 thoughts on “Flu and felt!

  1. I love the jackets, the lines on the white one are lovely, and the cut of the jacket is very flattering..nice work you two…quite the team! get well, although if this is what you do when you aren’t healthy I am duly impressed!!! lol

  2. Sorry you have the flu I am now on day 8 of it and fed up.Love the white jacket just a pity you can see the knot in the tacking stitch around the collar fold,Talk soon

  3. Good morning Nicola,

    Lovely work you two.

    Hope you’re soon back in the picture of health. We’ve had the flu and viruses flying around here, too…Unfortunately seems to be that time of year, but certainly no fun, and not conducive at all to felting….uggghhh…

    Get well soon.

    Big hugs,

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