Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all my felt and fibre friends of every relegion (or none) wherever you live in the world.  Even though we may be physically apart it is amazing how close you all feel through this incredible medium of blogging!!!  Especially wonderful is to have met a lot of you in person both last year and this Fall, hopefully I will meet many more online friends when I return to US during 2011!

Carmen has been really unlucky to have had her flights home to her parents in Gran Canaria cancelled due to the snowy conditions and the absolute earliest she is now potentially able to travel is the morning of 29th December.  The up side is that we have now spent the last two days felting together (I am working on my ArtL!nks project and it is finally going well!) and she will be joining me tomorrow for another day of felting and a celebratory Christmas dinner of garlic prawns, roast duck with apple sauce, brussel sprouts with chestnuts and a yummy gluten free Christmas pudding made with ground almonds instead of the flour.  I had been planning on travelling up to Dublin for the day to be with my family but the road conditions are just impossible to navigate in my long wheel base truck, it is rear wheel drive and useless on the ice.  We will also felt on Sunday so watch out for some photos of my latest pieces, I am really excited about the direction they are leading me!

I leave you with a picture taken about an hour ago showing how pretty Clasheen looks in the icy conditions. 

The view towards White Mountain this afternoon


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Nicola, Happy Christmas to you. I’m already excited about your return to the States in the spring. Nothing will get in the way of my taking another of your workshops.

  2. It sounds like you and Carmen have made the most of a difficult situation! Your feast sounds wonderful, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been hard at work while others are lolling on their couches in a carbohydrate-induced stupor!!
    Merry Christmas, dear Nicola! XXO-

  3. Good morning Nicola and a very Merry Christmas to you,

    While I’m sure that Carmen was hoping to be with her family today, it sounds as though you two have planned a fabulous day with an absolutely wonderful meal…Puts my meal plans to shame. Can’t wait to see your picture updates in the coming days. The photo of Clasheen is gorgeous…The only thing missing from it, was Rex frolicking about:-)

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

    Big hugs,

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