Stocking up and (almost) a couple of pictures as promised!

Although the last lot of snow has almost melted everywhere forecasts predict heavy falls here again from tomorrow afternoon starting in the West of Ireland today.  I have spent this morning stocking up on meat for my freezer, going to the bank, posting some parcels for across the water, carrying in kindling and in a nutshell getting essential duties out of the way in case I get totally snowed in once more!  The temperature has dropped by at least several degrees since I got up, the sky has darkened dramatically and the wind is now blowing strongly making it difficult to take any successful pictures of felt created to post to Flickr or here on the blog. 

I JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!  Heavy hail/sleet is now assaulting the house so I am very glad I made the effort to drive to Borris this morning!

Anyway, enough talking.  Here are two pictures (or maybe not!!!) taken in the gloomy outdoors, my latest Vanda Robert inspired bag and a gorgeous light weight nuno felt wrap.  For the bag I used some 50% gotland 50% merino blended wool batts from Denmark and another similar quality wool (think it might also be the same combo although I bought it on a different trip from a different supplier) in wonderful shades of Autumn.  I added some leather leaves and a horn button (all gathered from various trips to US!) and finished it with a cord handle which I made using some wonderful hand dyed silk yarn by Jamie of Urban Fauna Studio in San Fransisco.    The wrap is felted from some of my Cloverleaf Farms hand dyed merino and silk hankies, the cotton cheesecloth I dyed with Rite under the supervision of Sharon at The Tin Thimble in Loomis, CA.  Pretty cosmopolitan bag and wrap don’t you think?  OK, you are going to have to look at my Flickr photos to see the bag and wrap because for some reason WordPress has lost the run of itself and my whole visuals jumped all over the place when I uploaded the photos.  First time of trying they wern’t visable at all and then the second time previous posts went into the sidebars but the images still weren’t where I wanted them.  Sorry!


6 thoughts on “Stocking up and (almost) a couple of pictures as promised!

  1. I love seeing your beautiful work. I have happily been making bags (and other things) since your class at The Tin Thimble. Thanks for the referral on leather handles.

    It’s hard to imagine the weather you are enduring. Next time, come visit California in the winter! Right now it is sunny and beautiful, although a downpour is expected to start tomorrow.

    Stay warm – and Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Merridee, I am so glad you are happily making bags and more!!! Warm weather sounds a lifetime away although when I saw some pictures of a lighthouse in the US on television the other night I was amazed because it was totally covered with frozen waves, obviously California is a bit warmer than that!

  2. Oh Nicola,

    So sorry to hear that the harsh winter weather is returning. Thank goodness you stocked up on food and supplies. Keep felting so that you’ll stay warm.

    Back to my baking…Family arrives tomorrow.

    Big hugs,

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  4. Good morning Nicola,

    Was the lighthouse that you saw, one around Lake Michigan? Just saw some really cool images on TV the other day of some of ours. I may have to take a drive over to South Haven soon to take a peek. Love the frozen waves, too.


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