Felt bags, slippers, order arrives and snow melting after 17 days!

Spent a happy day felting and stitching with Carmen today, bags and more bags, photos tomorrow. Yesterday I managed to drive down my road for the first time in 17 days, snow currently melting but loads forecast for weekend and into next week again. Oil arrived yesterday, my wool has arrived, I stocked up with fuel for my stove and had the last session with Borris Active Retirement. Check out the wonderful booties Dorothy made for her little grandaughter’s Christmas presents by clicking on my Flickr link to the right! Will write a proper post tomorrow on the computer, sending this via my phone!


2 thoughts on “Felt bags, slippers, order arrives and snow melting after 17 days!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Well, I’m so happy that your oil arrived, and also that you were able to get down your drive yesterday…That must have been a joyful outing!!! Almost as happy that your wool arrived…We felters start breaking out in hives when the wool dwindles down to what we consider to be dangerously low levels:-)

    Enjoy your new freedom, heat, wool, food, and all that you’ve missed over the past couple of weeks.

    Big hugs,

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