Felt and frustration!!!

Another felt bag with relief stitching

UUGH,  I am SO frustrated!!!  I wrote a post yesterday afternoon in the freezing cold but for some reason the internet connection went down and I couldn’t add images or get it online.  Just now I have rewritten the whole thing, added some pictures and then lost everything in the publication, how annoying is that.  Unfortunately I am going to have to head downstairs again in a few minutes because it is absolutely freezing upstairs and I am trying to eek out my oil and just heat the lower level.  I am now snowed in for a total of 12 days and counting, amazing for Ireland in late November early December although probably just as well that I lagged my water filter with some felt otherwise things could be a lot worse than they already are!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos of another felt bag a la Vanda Robert completed during my enforced incarceration and if you pop on over to Flickr you will find some more as well as a few pictures of the beautiful landscape at Clasheen in the snow. 

Detail showing stitching at the top and how the leather handles are attached


5 thoughts on “Felt and frustration!!!

  1. BRRRRRR!!!!!! It sure looks pretty there, but having lived in Maynooth for 2 years it can get awfully cold and damp! I loved living in Ireland, now live near Seattle , Washington, now cold and rain galore. I really enjoy your blog and thanks for so many great posts.

    Mary Anne Komar

  2. Hang in there, Nicola. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for an early Spring. Is January too early for Spring:-) Can you believe that you’ve had two such hard winters in a row? Is there a thaw in sight?

    Keep up the beautiful felting (love the bag) and stay warm.

    Big hugs,

  3. Love the bag Nicola, thanks for showing the inside of the handle area. I love the buttons I guess you could hang your keys from them so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the bag 🙂
    Do hope you thaw out soon and that the oil holds out 🙂


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  5. Beautiful bag, the raised surface is so interesting! – I have been trying to find UK or at least EU supplier of leather handles, but without much success, U-handbag has some, but not this simple yet effective style.

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