Sewn felt bag

Internet connectivity difficulties persist so hopefully this quick post will beat the rot, it is also FREEZING upstairs where the computer is and I am trying to save my oil for keeping the downstairs warm incl. my studio!

Sewn felt bag with red leather handles


I am trying to felt as much as possible during the day, 1 to utilise the fibres in my stash, 2 to continue making Christmas presents, 3 to experiment with different designs and 4 just for the hell of it because I love to!  Part of the benefit of limiting myself to the materials at hand and being confined to base is that I find I am trying to make sure every piece of felt ends up in a finished product and not just the pieces that I am happiest with.  The bag on the left was felted on Tuesday afternoon and started as yardage for felt slippers (tutorial and kit in the making).  When I assessed the design yesterday morning I actually thought that it would be a pity to cut it up too much and decided it would make a much nicer bag for carrying files, books etc.  if only I could get my sewing machine out and bite the bullet on the stitching side of things.  At the time I thought that I had one set of black leather handles left but imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had no black left but instead the most perfect red imaginable to finish this project!  One bag later and not too much stress with the sewing machine I now am planning some Icelandic wool cushion covers and some more bags with both felt and leather handles.  As you know I usually only felt bags using a resist but there is something soothing and mindless about creating felt yardage and for some reason the mood I am in with all this snow this activity seems to suit me perfectly and I think that stretching myself with a bit of sewing in no bad thing either!


10 thoughts on “Sewn felt bag

  1. “Stretching yourself with a bit of sewing”???? Who ARE you and what did you do with my Nicola?? Grin.

    It’s been warm here until the last two days but it’s a bit colder, now. On Tuesday, I saw TWO people outside wearing shorts!

    I’m off to a new place to buy wool today with Jan. I hope I like what they have!

    Hugs and love–

  2. Oh Nicola, I love the bag and the red handles are just perfect with it….Wow!!!

    I’m sorry that the cold persists, but happy that you’re enjoying the solitude to complete all of these projects…In many ways, it’s a blessing. At least, as long as you’re able to stay warm:-)

    Heather, I think you’re right…Perhaps we need to send in the authorities to do some checking…I was a bit alarmed with the sewing comments, too. Or, perhaps I should just jump on the bandwagon, too, and join in the fun:-)


  3. Oh the bag is totally lovely – and it would not be IT without the red straps – It is not warm in sunny California – not to sunny either – Is the bag mitred on the base? Stay warm, Karen

  4. I have missed you, so! Winter has finally decided to settle in, here in the Midwest with cold air (27F) but no snow. As I sit here with my Lady Grey Twings tea catching up on your blog, I sadly admit I have missed out tremendously in the past few months. We had such a miserably hot summer (100F) for months on end that the thought of wool was more than a soul can bear. I see you have been felting up all sorts of delightful creations beyond my skills. You go girl! In addition, I agree with Heather Woollove, what happened to our badge-carrying non-sewer Nicola? Glad you have crossed over and expanded in all directions in my absence. I am off to the local shop -Yarn Barn for some wool to repair a blanket that I got in Scotland in the 1970’s. It has performed well, but a tear, that I had hoped would heal itself, refuses to do anything but grow.

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  6. It’s cold in Dingle, but nothing like the snow that ye are all getting! I have a fairly new house, but the heating systems installed are not used to cold like this and so evening are a bit confined to the sitting room. I’ve had to bring most of my studio back to my house as there is no heating and it’s FRIGID. So my house is up in a heap and stuff all over and I pray no visitors!! This is crunch week to get stuff in the post and then more breathing…

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