Thanks everyone for your help and how are things looking now???

Thanks to all of you who commented and sent me emails re. the formatting of the blog over the last few days.  It was SO frustrating to be having difficulties and no time to sort them out but hopefully things look back to normal now although I have had to delete the last photo from the second last post for some very strange reason. 

Happy but tired at the end of a successful felt accessories workshop!


Here it is again with all the participants from the KIA felt accessory workshop tired but happy (at least I HOPE everyone was happy!) wearing and displaying some of their beautiful nuno felt, flowers and jewellery.  I loved all the work created during this class, gorgeous wearables perfect to brighten up any winter day! 

I am also going to include an image of me wearing one of the gorgeous dusters that Dawn and I made with Horst during our amazing time with him and his family at the beginning of October.  Thanks Jess for taking such wonderful photos and airbrushing etc. where needed!  I was lucky enough to bring one of the dusters home with me and as soon as I wear it to the next exhibition opening I attend promise to have some photos taken to show it back here in Ireland.

Beautiful duster that Dawn and I made under Horst's supervision!


4 thoughts on “Thanks everyone for your help and how are things looking now???

  1. Hi Nicola,

    everything on your homepage is back to normal now, so you don’t have to worry about that. You look great in your new duster: most of Horst ‘s garments are too dramatic to be worn “in normal life”, but your adaptation seems very comfortable to wear.

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    What fun we had…I was looking over all of our photos again last night when Ryan stopped by (he said to tell you “hello”, too). Showed him the photos of your house when you bought it and as it is now. We both agreed that it’s lovely and that the countryside surrounding your house is gorgeous!

    You look amazing in the duster shown today. I know that you’ll generate much interest when you wear the “treasure” that you brought home, too.


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