Help please!

Is it just my computer or does everybody reading my last post see some text to the right of the main section and have the links and email subscription button etc. moved down the page to the left???  I do want to upload some more workshop pictures taken during my amazing US trip and I also want to write about my favourite finds in Rhinebeck but I don’t want to play around with things too much and stuff the blog up totally.  What is going on???  Is it just me or can everyone else see what I do?  Thanks for the suggestion Lindy but you look great in the pictures so I don’t think that is the solution!!!  Comments please ……

13 thoughts on “Help please!

  1. yes Nicola.I also see what you do-the last text moved to the right of the screen.I thought it was me ;my laptop does strange things at the moment.
    regards,Olwyn in France

  2. Hi Nocola ,

    on your HOME page the right column has disappeared and its place hast been taken by your forlast post. If you clik on the title of your post you get that post, the comments plus the links that were on your right side column originally.

    Hope it helps to find out what went wrong.


  3. Nicola yes I see what you do,go into platform on wordpress and look at the forums.
    I think you have altered –somehow—-the html formatting of the page

  4. Good morning Nicola,

    Today’s post looks back to normal…Yesterday’s looked a bit out of sorts with all of the links, etc., at the bottom of the screen. The wonders of modern technology…You have to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out (which is why I enjoy your blog and I don’t have one:-)

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Nicola,
    Something is definitely off about your format….does your wordpress need to be updated in any way or have you added any new widgets of links? Looks like a setting issue? Hope it works out eventually! Sorry we missed you at Rhinebeck…we have two hours to see the place and head to Boston!
    xo – Jamie

  6. Hi Nicola, yes it looks the same to me as to you. Everything thats usually on the right hand column is now way at the bottom on the left & there is a previous post on the right hand column…

    Cant help with how/why though, sorry… hope you manage to sort it without too much bother…

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