Wonderful, wonderful Rhinebeck!

Just the shortest of notes to say how much Heather and I have enjoyed our two days at Rhinebeck!  The whole experience was fabulous and as soon as I recover from the train, bus, plane, bus and car drive home I promise to sit down and blog properly about both the Kalamazoo felting workshops and the Rhinebeck experience complete with loads of pictures and links to peruse!!!  I am off now to pack my bag and then hopefully we will have an early night and a good (read BIG!!!) breakfast tomorrow morning before Heather drives me to the station to catch my 11.40am train.  Until then …..

4 thoughts on “Wonderful, wonderful Rhinebeck!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    We’ve been blessed to have you here in the U.S. I’ll bet Rex is running around in circles with excitement that you’re on your way home.

    Can’t wait to hear what “finds” you found in Rhinebeck. Hope you’re able to get it all into your suitcase.

    Enjoy that big breakfast (to ensure that it sticks to the ribs, I usually top it with a bit of Cool-Whip:-)

    Thanks so much for coming to Plainwell (and the rest of the U.S.)…It was a joy!!!


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