KIA workshops, Weaver’s Guild talk, more photos and into ‘Horst Style’ production this morning!

Great weekend workshops at the KIA, successful talk (at least I THINK so and I think that they do too!) at the Weaver’s Guild meeting on Monday night, visit to Saugatuck and Lake Michigan yesterday and into Horst style production with Dawn this morning, only downside is that I have almost NO voice left and I definitely will need it for visiting with Heather and heading to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival this coming weekend!!! 

Dawn and Horst hamming it up for the camera working on our first full duster!

I still need to download my images from the complex felt bag and the felted accessories workshops that happened at the KIA in Kalamazoo from Saturday to Monday but the work created was so inventive and fabulous, you will LOVE the results!  Possibly I may get a little time to do some computer stuff when I get to Heather’s house tomorrow evening but today Dawn and I are felting some scarves and hopefully two sleeveless waistcoats using Horst’s method (small sander and time permitting!) as well as dying them, fingers crossed we have time to complete everything because I would love a new vest to wear the the Sheep and Wool Festival!  Good friend Kristi has kindly set up a Snapfish room (check it out!) where we can share pictures of all the fabulous bags, flowers, pieces of jewellery and nuno felt masterpieces created over the weekend so I am just going to post the info directly here and hopefully some more of you will share your images!  Message from Kristi …….. Join Felting Weekend with Nicola – I created a room where we can share photos, videos and projects! We can also write messages to the group, order prints and gifts of each others’ photos and more. Please feel free to add your photos too!  In order to join or view this group room, you’ll need to enter this privacy code nicola.  You can also copy the web address and paste it into your browser:

Dawn unloading our first duster from the dryer - beautifully dyed by Horst in some of my favourite colours!

Our second AMAZING creation, now proudly winging it's way back to Ireland with me!!!

Trying out one of Horst's soft and cuddly but oh so stylish jackets!


5 thoughts on “KIA workshops, Weaver’s Guild talk, more photos and into ‘Horst Style’ production this morning!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Oh, just looking at these pictures makes me so happy. Who can look at you and Horst and not be happy? Surely, not I.

    I can’t believe that our time together has flown by so fast. Meeting you has been a dream and I’m so blessed by your friendship. Just wish getting together for a coffee (or possibly I could even try one of those Head-Banger coffee concoctions:-) didn’t involve crossing the ocean. You’ll be missed my dear friend. Thank you so much for coming to visit me…Come back soon. Well, you must, you still have 25 flavors of Plainwell Ice Cream to try:-)

    Have a great time with Heather…I know that you will…She’s so much fun.


  2. that must be a great and satisfied week – beautifull duster – complete different from what I remember from our dutch duster, because this words in the Netherlands associates me with an oldfashionated softpink nylon morningcoat …

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