Having a wonderf time with Dawn and Horst!

Just checking in quickly via iPhone from Horst’s house. Having a wonderful time here with Horst and Dawn surrounded by stunning couture creations and learning so much about design and production.
More to come on Friday ……

3 thoughts on “Having a wonderf time with Dawn and Horst!

  1. Ha! Ha! Imagine responding to your post, and you’re in the same house:-) Just wanted to say that the same can be said about you….Having such a wonderful time…And, Horst…What can I say…Unbelievable experience!!! Wish our time together wasn’t flying by so quickly.


  2. I can’t say enough on how much fun I have had this passed week with the two of you. It was so nice to have felters here at the house and wanting to create and keep creating! Can’t wait for the Ireland experience!!! I expect photos of you in a Horst in Ireland!!! May your travels be blessed and return safely.

  3. Hope your travels are going great. Next time you’ll have to come to Texas. Thought that I would try and catch you this way, I have signed you up for CS9 as you requested on the thread. I can e-mail you your partner’s name next week and I will pm it on Ravelry. Have fun! Mary

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