No title to this post as I am saving all my energy for thinking and organising prior to my departure late on Tuesday night to catch my 6.30am flight out of Dublin on Wednesday morning!  I need to be available to check in a minimum of 4 hours prior to boarding so guess that means a midnight journey, ah well, can’t sleep at all anyway I am so excited!!!

Today I got some more washing done, sorted out my ESTA authorisation, prepared some stuff for packing, bought the new iPhone4 (thanks Alan for my birthday gift!),  planned a little felt cover for it, got some lovely locally grown veg on the range and have a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at my hand as I wait for Katie Taylor’s World Championship bid on RTE in a couple of minutes!


4 thoughts on “………?

  1. Yahooo!!!! Can hardly wait!!!! Hope you can sleep/rest on your flight.

    My husband is envious of your marvelous birthday present. He would love to have an Iphone (so watch yours at all times when you’re here:-) Tell Alan that he sets the bar mighty high!


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