Beautiful La Gomera

Only two more days to go and then Alan and I will be returning to Ireland from our relaxing holiday on La Gomera.  The last few days have been spent exploring the wonderful mountains and different terrains of this most fascinating and relatively unknown gem in the Canary Islands.  Stunning scenery, beautifully warm and clean water, fascinating desert terrain, rain forest, hiking in the World Heritage Site central region, never once the need to put on a jacket or fleece, fabulous (FABULOUS!!!) food and friendly people, all one would want for a relaxing break in one small package.  The most stressful aspect of the holiday are some of the less accessible roads, pictures to follow and then you can all see what I mean!  Our apartment (belonging to the sister of a friend of Carmen´s) is set high up over the Capital town San Sebastian and it is in the town that I have found a small internet shop and am quickly writting this post today.  My holiday inspired triangular freestyle scarf-wrap is almost finished and when we return home on Monday afternoon I promise to upload some photos of our time here and catch up with everything prior to my departure to US the following week!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful La Gomera

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Hope you and Alan enjoy your last couple of days of vacation (I know that you will). Can’t wait to see pictures…More than that, can’t wait to see you. Yikes, I’d better start cleaning!!!


  2. Nicola,

    Glad you are enjoying some much deserved time off. I have to giggle at the thought that the stressful part of the trip for you is the roads – that’s exactly how we felt in Ireland!

    Looking forward to October,

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