The rug is in position at last!

This morning I drove to Dublin to deliver Sylvia’s rug with the big hope that a. it would be the right size and b. Sylvia would be happy with the finished design and colour!  

Sylvia with her new rug in position

If you remember, the colours were chosen to compliment the woven hearth rug that was already in place in front of the fire and the idea was to echo the blues with a modern design and pull the whole seating area together into a cohesive grouping.  Until today I didn’t realise that the beautiful Danish coffee table was indeed so beautiful because Sylvia had always covered it with a lace cloth and mountains of books (must be a family trait!!!) but now the rug is fully in view through the glass and the whole room looks great.  Thankfully everything went well and after a delicious lunch (cold meats, great mixed salad, brown bread, strawberries, blueberries, home-made yoghurt, fresh coffee and a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc!) I drove home tired, happy and satisfied that the rug will be well used for the purpose that it was created for! 

Close up of the rug in position


12 thoughts on “The rug is in position at last!

  1. The rug looks great, and does indeed pull the whole room together..wonderful colours and it looks very chic….what an enormous project, I am so impressed with your courage to take something like that on…good work …keep the suds down lol c

  2. Oh, Nicola–It’s brilliant!!

    I know that Sylvia will enjoy her rug for years to come!

    I met Dawn Edwards last week at the Creative Felt Gathering
    and she is amazing!! I know you two will have a blast when
    you visit with her this Fall.


  3. Beautiful Nicola. You are a brave soul…and I assume a tired soul too after all that really hard work. It is a very nice rug.
    Congrats on getting it done. Looks like she loves it!

    I was hoping to get into your class here in Michigan, but it has filled. Maybe I’ll get to meet you while you are with Dawn.


  4. Nicola it looks fabulous! It’s so amazing to see the finished project after having seen the pile of “fluff” on your table.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in October.


  5. Congratulations Nicola!!! The rug is wonderful and the colours too. !!!Sorry to be very far from you to participate of yours workshops…. ( I live in Brazil).is there any way to get a step by step tutorial about it?

  6. Good afternoon Nicola (I’m running behind today:-)

    Wow, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done (but be careful of that finger)…The rug is gorgeous, and if I do say so myself, Sylvia looks very happy with it.

    Now, what are you going to do with all of your spare time? Oh yes, come to the U.S. – Yikes, I’d better get cleaning!!!

    Echo’ing Heather’s comment above…You’re going to love her, too…She’s a blast. The only problem is, that now I miss her terribly. Why did you have to be so much fun Heather?


  7. Guess you can say AMEN to that project and be very proud of it. It turned out beautiful. It was a huge project both by its size and the length of time it took to get it done.

    As I tell my ‘short people'(grandkids)…..’You did a great job’

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