Another fibre and yarn experiment, wool has arrived

Fibre and yarn felted together

Yesterday afternoon as I was trying to tidy my studio (yes, I can NEVER keep it in order!) I came across another small scrap of discarded knitting or possibly even crochet. I don’t have any idea what I was doing or when I started and scrapped it but I do know that the yarn was a gorgeous merino and silk combination from Manos del Uruguay in lovely shades of blue and green. I decided to felt a small insulated pot stand using two shades of green and a white C1 wool and stretch out the knitting for some surface interest. Again this yarn combined very well with the fibre but if I were to start over I would probably try getting the base to the prefelt stage before adding the yarn because it did lose some clarity and sharpness of colour as the felting process progressed.

My mother called over for a coffee earlier this morning and while we were having a chat the postman arrived with my large order of wool from Iceland. At last I can start to get Sylvia’s rug underway but now I am thinking I am not going to get it finished before I head off to the ‘Felt Naturaly’ symposium in Denmark next week, never mind I will finish it in a couple of days after I return home. I am going to finish tidying the studio this afternoon and hopefully get the rug base laid out ready for long days felting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow I will be at a Visiting Captain’s Day at Killerig Golf Club but all work and no play …………. not that I ever look on felting as work but you know what I mean!

1 thought on “Another fibre and yarn experiment, wool has arrived

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Not to worry…Creative people aren’t really supposed to have tidy homes and studios! At least that what I keep telling myself:-)

    Can’t wait to see the rug when it’s completed and also to hear all about the feltmaking symposium in Denmark…You are sooooo lucky!

    Hope you’re having a great day.


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