Opening photo, unwinding a bit, stunning package in the post …..

Unfortunately the photos I took of my work on Friday evening as the Blueprint opening got underway are not good quality. 

Blueprint Exhibition for Eigse

I thought you might like to see a shot of my set up however and when I am in Carlow during the week invigilating I am going to bring my bigger camera and try to take some better more detailed shots.  The two larger wall hangings and a small framed piece are hung on the wall to the right and overall I was happy enough with how the felt looked on the night.  I don’t think from this photo that you can get any idea what the inside of the grey pod (on the plinth) is like but I felted some ovals of black sequined fabric into the light grey inside and these pick up the colours in the large grey wall hanging and the small grey textured piece on the front of the other plinth.  Thanks to my friends who made the effort to attend the opening, it was much appreciated!

Today I am unwinding a bit, answering a few emails, uploading a few images to Flickr, hoping and waiting for a call from the American Embassy re. what exact visa I need to travel on this Fall and since the postman came (or woman as it was today) drooling over the most AMAZING package I received from Jayne as part of the Ravelry Colour Swap number 7.  Head on over to Flickr if you would like to see the full package and to Clasheen Uncut to see a close up of the most LUSCIOUS fibre and hand made button but for now be prepared to admire the amazing ‘Ishbel’ that Jayne dyed and knitted especially for me ! 

Ishbel - dyed and knitted for me by Jayne!


4 thoughts on “Opening photo, unwinding a bit, stunning package in the post …..

  1. Thanks for the show and tell, and the show looks great…I really loved seeing the pod, as it was sitting on my mind since you offered up some of the process, and I was reticent to ask fearing it might not be finished, so voila, and doesn/t it look wonderful, I am impressed….You must be exhausted and the large pod is also stunning, more pics of the innards like you said , would be great. thanks for all…

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Well, from what I’m able to see in the photo, it looks like all of your effort was well worth the time and energy…Your pods are magnificent! Love the grouping shown…Can’t wait to see more close-up photos.

    Congratulations on a great exhibition! Wish I could see it in person:-)

    Jayne, if you’re reading this…That is a truly gorgeous wrap. Beautiful style and the color is lovely. Lucky you Nicola.

    Hoping that you hear from the Embassy today and that all is worked out soon.


  3. Do you know what I love even as much as seeing your creations – is the changing backdrops of where you photograph your work as we cycle through the seasons!

    Here’s to the swirling energies of the summer solstice…

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