Exhausted, elated, frustrated …….

Exhausted ….. wrists tired, brain worn out, plinths to paint and work to finish for the Blueprint exhibition in Eigse.

Elated ….. felt delivered for the South East Textile exhibition which opens on Friday 11th June between 6 and 8pm in the Watergarden, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, all welcome!  The show continues for two weeks and features a mixture of textile disciplines and styles showcasing the work of both experienced and new members of this exciting group; been called for an interview to a panel I am very interested in; adult and child felting workshop confirmed as part of the Cashel Arts Fest in November.

Frustrated ….. spent approx 4 hours yesterday trying to finish my final piece for Eigse but in order to get the finished dimensions I wanted fulled it so firmly that the really complex series of resists inside became one with the felt, eventually just cut it up into tiny pieces in frustration!

Lastly ….. don’t expect any sense from me for a couple of days until my work is delivered and installed.  Next week I am taking some time to relax without deadlines and will be in touch with everyone re work, emails, swap buddies, potential American workshop hosts, in short all of you waiting for a little slice of my time!


3 thoughts on “Exhausted, elated, frustrated …….

  1. Oh I feel sorry for you Nicola, I know what you’re going through right now. The best thing indeed you can do is just take a limit to all the outside world and concentrate only to yourself, take some deep breath, walk sometimes away from it and just sit without nothing. There will be always a solution – you have a creative mind. Keep smiling, keep happy felting, that makes your felt shining!

  2. When you have met the deadline and completed everything,just STOP.You will know when to start up again;until then do very little.Look after yourself.
    Olwyn in France

  3. Oh Nicola,

    What a day! So sorry to hear about your resist disaster. I would have probably been in tears after four hours of hard work.

    You have had such an exhausting schedule…So glad to hear that you’re going to take a little breather and get some well deserved rest. Slow down…We love you too much to have you all burnt out.

    Breathe….And take good care of yourself.


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