Sneak preview ……..

I was thrilled to get a letter yesterday evening saying that the complex felt bag that I entered has made it through to the final round of judging in the RDS National Crafts Competition

Close up of glass nugget and seed beads

Obviously I can’t post a picture of the completed piece to the internet yet but here is a sneak preview of one of the glass nuggets surrounding with seed beads peeking out from the front of the bag, check out my reflection as I try to get the best photo!  One of the other pieces that I entered was a fun chunky necklace and although it didn’t get through to the final round of judging it does take the pressure off me somewhat as now it can be one of my three pieces to show for the upcoming South East Textile group exhibition.

Short post today, will be in touch with everyone who is waiting for emails etc. over the weekend I hope!


4 thoughts on “Sneak preview ……..

  1. Hi Nicola, congrats – always exciting if you can make it to the final list. I have met Lyda on a recently workshop – she is indeed a great inspirator!

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    A well deserved congratulations! Whoo-Hoooo…That’s the sound of me cheering!

    I just love this little glimpse of your bag. The color is amazing.

    Thanks for letting us know to check for your reflection…I’d never have spotted that…It’s like a Where’s Waldo book:-)

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Good evening though it will most likely be morning when you read this note. What a teaser, to just see a glimpse. :). I am sure it will be a feast and we will all be delighted. I am amazed at the perfect circle of beads. I will not get to felt tomorrow, it is a holiday weekend here, and my family is coming for a grilled salmon. So, no studio time. Have fun, but of course you will.


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