Exciting nuno felt jacket competition and a couple of pictures at last!

Over on Clasheen Uncut I posted last week about an exciting competition Chrissie is having to win one of her stylish ‘Waterfall’ nuno felt jackets!  The rules are simple and it is a wonderful opportunity to win a unique piece of wearable art in colours that are personal to you, check it out!!!

Light shining through pink silk chiffon nuno felt scarf

The weather has been a lot better this afternoon, still a bit windy and not too warm but at least I was able to take a couple of pictures in the garden!  Here is an arty shot of my latest nuno felt scarf, now available for $50 from my new online boutique.  For this piece I felted the stylised flowers very well but didn’t throw the  scarf too much meaning that the finished scarf is actually not much shorter than when I started to lay out the wool.  I also cut the leaves out of some short fibred merino which I had covered in silk before dry felting for a couple of seconds with my hands.  Working the wool and silk combination dry for a couple of seconds compacted the fibres enough to allow me cut out the shapes, pretty cool using the short fibred merino but not so easy with long tops. 

Summer nuno felt scarf

Here is another shot of the scarf, the pale pink is really very pretty, the darker pinks and purple of the flowers contrast with the green leaves and really make the pale pink ‘pop’!


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