Stop press, my nuno felt poncho had been converted into an amazingly versatile sleeveless top!

Sleeveless top with flower brooch

I know that I promised you photos of my reversible nuno felt poncho/wrap in my last post but since yesterday afternoon the poncho has taken on a new identity masquerading as a fabulous sleeveless top! It is a bit of a long story and forgive me if I need to cut things short but it is a bank holiday here and my sister, her three kids and my mom are arriving to visit almost any minute now! 

Basically I am very excited that it has just been confirmed that I will be participating in a Charlotte Buch workshop at the Danish felting symposium this summer and yesterday I discovered that Charlotte has now uploaded a tutorial for her clever 3 in 1 top to her website, check it out for yourselves and see what I mean!  Armed with her finished measurements I hauled out my measuring stick and realised that the poncho was larger in diameter that those in the tutorial which meant that I could safely cut the neckline into a circle bigger thus transforming the poncho into this cute and extremely wearable reversible top! 

What makes this top so exciting for me is the multiple ways it can be worn and the fact that is is created from one single piece of flat felt and not shaped around a resist, perfect for an enthuastic beginner!!!  Head on over to my Flickr photos to view some (but not all) the ways you can wrap this beauty around your body. 

I’ll leave you with a shot from the back, isn’t this just a wonderful concept??? 

One option for the back view


4 thoughts on “Stop press, my nuno felt poncho had been converted into an amazingly versatile sleeveless top!

  1. Your top is looking glamorous.

    I don’t have your address to post off the parcel too. Could you please email it to me at dream.lizard(at)googlemail(dot)com


  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Such exciting things in the works for you…That is great news that you’ve been confirmed in Charlotte’s workshop. Oh, you must be on Cloud 9!

    This top is darling…For any level of felt-maker. I just love it! I’m heading on over to Flickr to see the rest of the photos. And then, I’m going to head over to Charlotte’s blog to see the tutorial. Hmmmm….I’m starting to see a pattern here…. Do you think that perhaps that’s the reason my house looks like it does? Oh, but it’s so much more fun than house cleaning 🙂


  3. This is such a brilliant idea I love it …enthuastic beginner …I must try this . Your work is always so much fun to see and there is always lots to learn. Thank you

  4. That is a great idea, and I loved the texture of the material, so bubbly..and Charlotte’s site is wonderful, I am thrilled you are getting to go to classes there, I wish I lived closer as she has some lovely ideas on her site, loved the prefelted diamond piece also….did you have to reinforce the edges of the part that goes around the neck…it looks really fine.

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