Pictures of the gorgeous scarves from our nuno felt workshop today!

Alison and Ann with their first gorgeous nuno felt scarves!

Today Ann and Alison joined me here at Clasheen for a refresher day working on nuno felt scarves.  Over a coffee we examined some work that both had done since their last session and discovered that sometimes they needed to work the fibres into the fabric further before progressing on to the throwing stage of the process.  We then moved into the studio where a lot of debating went on before they decided on the colours to work with for the first scarves of the day.  Alison worked her turquoise based scarf in short fibred merino while Ann’s first scarf was felted using merino tops, both scarves were felted into a base of ponge silk.  Keeping the layout of the fibres light and leaving small open spaces within the wool meant that both scarves had wonderful texture when they were felted.

In the afternoon two more scarves were laid out, Alison’s on silk chiffon this time and Ann’s on ponge silk again.  Because we didn’t have a lot of time in this session and because it is interesting to try out new equipment I ‘allowed’ Alison and Ann to try my electric sander and see for themselves how this can really speed up the felting process!  Usually when I am teaching I don’t use the sander but because we were on a tight time schedual and because they have a clear understanding of the nuno process I thought that it would be interesting to let them try the sander out for themselves and see how powerful a tool it can be used in the correct fashion.  Check out these beautiful scarves that they felted in the afternoon, all in all a very productive and enjoyable day! 

More beautiful scarves!!!


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