Some pictures and almost back to ‘normal’!

I guess Alan would say that I am never ‘normal’ but a weekend spent felting and visiting my family has almost dispelled the mental inertia caused following the completion of my bursary application and the stress of organising a big send off for our secretary at the golf club! 

Today I am just going to post a few ‘work in progress’ pictures of  the sleeveless jacket I was felting over the weekend and hopefully by tomorrow evening my batteries will be totally charged and I will be blogging as never before and driving you mad with all my chatter!!!  We are in the middle of a big windy storm here (no rain as I speak but the mountains have disappeared so it is only a matter of minutes) but weather permitting I will take pictures of my completed sleeveless jacket in the morning, for now here are some shots from the start of the process.

My raw materials - a silk lap and short fibred merino

Merino on top of silk lap topped with more silk lap

Working the felt - silk lap side uppermost


2 thoughts on “Some pictures and almost back to ‘normal’!

  1. Well thought it was a nice day here, Nicola making a garment, sun shining (shining I said) then I read the comment above
    85degrees my goodness I cannot even remember that sort of heat –sorry it it too hot to felt!!!! but remember silk cools as well as heats so if you use silk gauze and more silk than wool make this a very very fine prefelt,then it would be great to wear in the heat.happy felting

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