It’s wild, windy and sometimes wet outside and I’m wrecked today!

In case you are wondering ‘wrecked’ is slang for exhausted in Ireland and that is my state today, not anything worse!!!  I finally finished my bursary application yesterday morning after working almost non stop over the preceeding days.  Luckily I managed to drive to the ArtL!nks office in Kilkenny and deliver it in person just before the deadline and then I had to rush back to the Golf Club to officiate at a party to say thanks to the club secretary who was finishing her job after 12 years of hard work and friendly service, thanks Nollaig (Christmas in Irish!).

Today I slept in until half past nine, unheard of for me and now I am just trying to catch up with things like washing up (not done for three days, horror of horrors!) before I light the fire, grab a glass of wine and crash out with a good book to recharge.  Tomorrow is another day as we say here so for anyone waiting for a reply to an email or any other such like apologies, I can’t do another thing today so will be back in action on the morrow after a good nights rest!

PS Just read my headline before uploading this and remembered I was going to post a picture of the gorgeous cowl I got in a Ravelry swap this week as the picture might give you an idea of how unsetteled the weather is here at Clasheen today!!  The sun is shining right now although it is very cold and we have already had torrential rain, hailstones and loads of rain.  By the look of the mountains more rain is on the way!

Stunning cowl for the stormy weather ahead!


7 thoughts on “It’s wild, windy and sometimes wet outside and I’m wrecked today!

  1. I am admitting up front that I have not read the above post yet, I must dash. I love the pattern on this cowl, not sure if it is your masterpiece or a swap gift. Lovely!!

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    I love this cowl….What a wonderful gift (the colors are gorgeous!) I also love your images of the awe-inspiring scenery which surrounds you…Must be such a treat to wake up each morning, look outside and see those beautiful mountains and countryside. Now, you take your cup of coffee outside (not in the thunderstorm of course), a good feltmaking book, have a seat, and you’ve got yourself a great start to the day!

    Try to get some rest this weekend. I know you’re exhausted with the busy week that you’ve had.


  3. So special! What a lovely gift…and I am sure hers was stunning in response as well! I am SO THRILLED that you are going to be giving courses in the US!! I have been chatting with Dawn and am thrilled to be gathering a van load of gals from Ontario,Canada to come down and take whatever it is you will be offering in Michigan!! I hope it is NUNO!!

    Warm thoughts from beautiful sunny Coldwater,Ontario this morning,we are off to the Farmers Market for some fresh eggs, some pansies and some Ontario honey…take good care,Debbe

  4. This is such a pretty, pretty cowl. Do you perhaps know what pattern it might be and where I could find it? I would so love to knit it for myself! Thank youi!

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