Sculpture progresses and fun morning with friend

Apologies for my lack of posts over the last few days.  The internet connection has been extremely sketchy, must be something to do with the fact that our weather has broken at last and amazingly for this time of year farmers (and the golf course) had actually been praying for rain!

I have been working on fulling and shaping the sculpture that I started at the end of last week.  This first experiment in creating a tall column shape should give a good indication of whether I need to make my felt thicker, use a different resist, have a larger space to work in etc., all the nitty gritty things that will help me when planning and executing pieces larger than my own actual height and width!  When I started fulling and shaping I initially worked the felt around a long piece of electricity cable housing.  I had intended on having this diameter as the finished width but discovered that the felt needed to shrink further to become stronger and self supporting so I put the work aside to see what on earth I could find to hand with a slightly narrower diameter to enable me continue the shrinking process.  I returned to the scuplture the following morning having discovered the perfect fencing stake lurking in my garage, no problems now working the felt around the wood and beating it with a wooden spoon to finish firming up the felt!  Pictures to follow when the piece is totally finished.

Yesterday I spent a fun morning with friend and artist Rosin Markham.  Amongst other materials Rosin sometimes works with gorgeous undyed raw wool from a variety of different sheep breeds.  She very generously gave me samples and locks from some wonderful looking kinds, hopefully I will be able to take pictures later today and you will see the crimp and texture which should translate wonderfully into some finished felted work.  As Rosin had never worked three dimensionally before I showed her how I work around a resist and she laid out a simple round vessel in graduating shades of undyed Icelandic wool.  Meanwhile I decided that this was a good morning to get started on an ocean inspired bag which I am making as part of the current ‘felted bag swap’ on Ravelry.  I tried out a new shape which with a little tweaking will be perfect as a basis for exploring a new complex felt bag design, just need to add another flap or two but need to buy more laminate floor underlay first!  Rosin’s vessel was looking very good by the time she had to leave and my bag is now sitting on top of a rad drying while I plan and execute the dreaded cord handle.

Suzanne's necklace

You may remember I posted a good while ago about the necklace I made my sister Suzanne for her birthday.  She and my mother came over for a coffee on Sunday morning and I snapped a shot of her wearing it for my records, note the fact that she didn’t want her face to be shown, false modesty in my opinion but it does make for a good photo!


4 thoughts on “Sculpture progresses and fun morning with friend

  1. hello Nicola,

    I really love the felt bead necklace:where did you find the other beads, if I may ask?
    I check your weblog every day. Thanks for the many inspiring and instructive entries. Your nuno felt shawl tutorial is my standard.
    yours, Lucie

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Love the necklace…I’m sure your sister was quite pleased with your thoughtful gift. Be sure and tell her that she’s a great model.

    Looking forward to seeing your new bag and sculpture.

    Hope you’re having a great day.


  3. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you are doing with your sculptures. Hope your sister is feeling a little better after her accident. We all need to somehow get together on this “pricing” of our items. I do feel your items in Esty are very resonable, here in the US for the quality that they are. Kind of a lot of info in one paragraph, but all are important.

    May you have wondeful weather so it does not interfere with your blog transmission……we all look forward to hearing your ‘latest’

    Now, what is this about your trip to the US???? Where will you be and will you teach a class?? Let us know so we don’t have a trip planned when you are here, like the last time.


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