Weekend spent in A & E

Well, a quick post to let you know that whilst hiking at the top of the highest point of this region in South Eastern Ireland my sister slipped and broke her wrist badly on Saturday.  I had just taken a picture of Alan, Suzanne and another friend Patricia and as we were climbing down from the height mentioned to everyone (I was in the front) to be careful of the footing, too late unfortunately as right at that moment Suzanne slipped on long grass and the rest is history.  Anyway, her treatment at Waterford General Hospital was excellent although Saturday night is not a night Suzanne will care to remember as the pain was excruciating and surgery didn’t take place until mid morning yesterday.  This afternoon I am going to cook yesterday’s planned Mother’s Day dinner so tomorrow morning I’ll be back to posting about felt as usual!


5 thoughts on “Weekend spent in A & E

  1. Oh my best to your sister. I was tossed from a horse many years ago and broke 11 bones in my wrist. I was in pain for a long while. Joints are tricky to heal, of course with today’s knowledge base, they begin physical therapy quickly. Mine is fused in some spots so it is not 100% operational thus my heart goes out to your sister and for a speedy and 100% recovery. How nice that she has you to care for her. There is no doubt you will coddle her while she is mending. Thank God for nurturing people like you, Nicola.


  2. PS I have not posted much lately but I got a chance to peak at your scrumptious mohair scarves which ALMOST makes me desire winter. Spring is here in the Midwest thus we are into the silk scarf season until November. I love your idea of the loose locks. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMie.

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