Beautifully soft 16 micron merino

For part of the New Year Secret Scarf Swap that I am participating in on Ravelry I wanted to felt a gorgeous and soft scarf for my swap buddy Krysotfer.  I had decided to work in an amazing soft 16 micron merino which I had bought late in the Autumn from one of my favourite suppliers Filzrausch in Germany and the idea was to felt a long scarf in charcoal wool with natural mohair locks to decorate the ends.  The mohair was one of the gorgeous fibre related items that I bought on my October visit to northern California which is ironic in a way since Krystofer actually lives in San Fransisco, California and this is the city where Alan and both I started and ended our wonderful holidays from.  I hadn’t been going to upload any images of the scarf here until I was sure that Krystofer had recieved the package but due to circumstances detailed below decided to put this teaser up anyway! 

Detail of the mohair locks


This merino was a dream to work with, very fine, evenly carded and lovely and quick to felt, I laid out two very fine layers so the finished scarf is extremely light, warm and soft.  The only thing that I will do differently next time is give my hands a rub with olive oil approx 10 minutes before I start to felt and this will ensure that the fibres don’t snag at all on my skin.  Felting does mean that I have clean hands most of the time but I forget to use handcream when things are hectic, I can safely say that hectic just about describes every day here at the moment! 

Now the real question is why did I decide to uploaded this image after all?  Because luckily I checked through the discussion board before mailing the scarf to discover that long for Krystofer is really looooong and this scarf definitely is a little challanged on the length side of things!  What does a girl do???  Decide what the **** and really go all out to felt another scarf that is well over 10′ long, I’ve not actually measured it yet but at a rough guess it is approx 12′ and counting!  No pictures of this one going up yet but hopefully Krystofer will email me a picture of himself wrapped in the scarf when he gets it, providing of course that he is not totally hidden by the felt, it is rather LOOOOOOONG!


3 thoughts on “Beautifully soft 16 micron merino

  1. Nicola, I loved this scarf… By the way I follow your blog daily and I’m amazing to see the beautiful work you do….in spite of the distance, I’m from Brazil I call feel the softness your scarf..I’m a beginner feltmaker, of course addict already and your tutorials are very important to me…

  2. What a beautiful scarf Nicola…Love the inclusion of the mohair locks. It’s always a shame when something so beautiful doesn’t work for the intended…Guess you’ll just have to keep it for yourself:-) What else can you do?

    Can’t wait to see the picture of the new, and mighty long, scarf that you’re working on (once Krystofer has received it). You’re always up for a challenge Nicola, so I’m sure it will be stunning. Krystofer, if you’re reading this, have no fear, it will be worth the wait.

    Hugs, Dawn

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