Nuno felt scarf pictorial tutorial goes live!

I am not sure if I have just been staring at my computer screen for too long but my eyes seem to be blurry and my ears are tired of trying to select some royalty free music to accompany this ‘pictorial tutorial’!  Feel free to give me honest feedback (are the pictures blurry and can you read the writing?) and if you like what you see please rate it on YouTube!


12 thoughts on “Nuno felt scarf pictorial tutorial goes live!

  1. There were only three screens I had trouble reading. The one with the sander, the one right after that and then one in the sink. The black letters didn’t show up over the darker backgrounds. Otherwise it looks good.

  2. Well done, would loved to have heard your voice with the instructions, love the accent!!!! Very concise and complete, good job, looking forward to next tutorial film.

  3. Excellent Nicola! Already left you a message there. The only thing I found a bit difficult was to read the whole sentence. The type of font itself is fine, I think it might bee because english is not my mother tongue so I was always too late for the last 5 words or something… no biggie really.

    Beautiful scarf too!!!

  4. It looks well and the photography works well to show each step very clearly. You make it look so easy and nuno felting can be quite a challenge. The sander is a great idea, I’ve heard a few felters mention that recently. I might keep an eye out for one.

    Look forward to the next one,

  5. Great job Nicola! You have simplified this technique – thanks. I agree with Ruth. When the print goes over a dark background, it’s more difficult to see. If that would be hard to change, maybe just keep the picture on a bit longer. I think you’re doing a great job and I can appreciate the time and effort it took. Thanks from all of us who Aspire to the Nuno (sounds liks a new movie).

  6. Super Job – Agree about the letters and dark background – supremely concise which is a challenge, would have loved a voice, and especially more on the sander – couldn’t you imagine a voice and the sander and the vibrations effects! That would bring it home! Nicola Rocks!!!!! Karen

  7. Goodmorning Nicola…………enjoyed the “lesson” and I agree with all the comments. Dark background makes it hard to read what you are saying……and having done nuno, this is a simplified version of the process. A great start on what I hope are more utube lessons.

    Keep it coming


  8. Very nice Nicola. I enjoyed it. I read fairly fast (and in English) but the dark print was lost on dark backgrounds. When I went back and stopped it I could see. Try using a different color type. Overall….easy to understand….nicely done.

  9. I love it Nicola, I agree with the font and dark background. If you do not have a sander what is the best way to get the same result? should the scarf be flat all the time …I ask this because I have an old fashion washboard that I could place in the sink but then the scarf would be vertical and this may pose a problem…I guess rolling it on the table is next…major arm workout!
    Love the result:)

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