Busy day today and combining felt with found objects, my fun project for tomorrow!

Well, I am just going to see how long it takes to write and upload this post, started at 19.39 and counting……….

Today was Carmen’s birthday and we had an active day variously felting, weaving, chatting and catching up with our friend Martina who called in on a special visit from the other side of Ireland especially in honour of the birthday girl!  Tomorrow we are going to be joined by more friends Cristina and Mariate for a felting, chatting and eating marathon.  You may wonder how Alan fits into the middle of this activity (especially since he really doesn’t like all that fluffy wool stuff!!) but this weekend was put in motion when he announced his trip to visit his parents and since he did not travel due to a cold what else can a girl do except persevere with her plans?

My objective tomorrow is to make some small three dimensional pieces and then combine them with found objects from my stash to create unique and funky felt and recycled jewellery.  I got a GREAT book during the week through Amazon, ‘Fabulous Jewellery from Found Objects’ by Marthe Le Van.  For the first time ever I now have some technical knowledge which shows me the safest way to drill through stones, work with precious and semi precious metal and basically gives clear step by step instructions for some of the necessary jewellery skills required when working with various types of new and found objects.  Alan has lent me a very small drill ( mine is a BIG Makita power tool!) and I have loads of ideas floating around in my head so hopefully I will have a few photos tomorrow to show you how everything is progressing.

The other necessary thing I have to do in the morning is put together a proposal for the Cashel Arts Fest.  This event does not take place until November but the organisers are sorting out the workshops sometime this week and I really would like to have something fun and interesting to offer for the children.

Post complete at 19.54!


4 thoughts on “Busy day today and combining felt with found objects, my fun project for tomorrow!

  1. Bravo on your lightning post! It is so fun to get a new piece of equipment, isn’t it? I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the fun creative adventure YOU have tomorrow. I will not get my usual full Sunday of felting in, as I am helping a friend buy a new computer for his office.

  2. Good morning Nicola,

    Gosh, everyone’s getting a new computer. I’m still chugging along on what was at one time my husband’s laptop, then handed down to our teenager, then he bought a new laptop, so I have his hand-me-down. I don’t know how old this thing is, but it does seem to have a couple of, what can only be described as dinosaur claw marks, on it:-) Glad you’re enjoying your new and very speedy computer.

    Happy Birthday Carmen…What a fun celebration with friends. I’m a February birthday, too, and mine included the eating marathon, too. Still trying to lose the celebratory weight gain…Uggghhh!

    Can’t wait to see your found objects jewelry. I’m going to look that book up…Sounds great! You always have the best recommendations for cool books.

    Well, coffee pot’s beeping, so I’m off. Hope you’re having a great day.


  3. Dear Nicola, Have someone show you how to drill with your object (glass/stone/whatever) – supported in a water bath so you do not burn out the drill – invaluable small short lesson. Karen

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