My super soft yak scarf and preparing submission for an Arts Act Grant

I seem to have picked up a bad cold over the last few days and it didn’t help that I had three individual meetings at the golf club today which were totally necessary to attend.  Following on from another excellent ‘Pick up your Needles’ at the Courthouse Art Centre in Tinahely yesterday (more details and photos to follow from my felting participants over the next day or two as soon as my cold abates) I decided to stay in my p-js this morning and not get dressed until just before my first meeting at 2pm this afternoon!  To wrap myself snugly I wore the yak and silk scarf that I felted with hand dyed fibres purchased from Urban Fauna Studio in San Fransisco and at the risk of boring everyone this fibre is an absolute dream to work with, beautifully soft, warm and flexible to wear.  If any of you have access to Blas and Jamie’s wonderful studio/shop do look out for this stunning yak fibre.  I know that it had only just arrived in stock for the first time when I visited last September but I guess that Blas should have it regularly now considering there must be a big demand for such a beautiful fibre.

Tomorrow I am going prepare my submission for an ‘Arts Act Grant’ from Carlow County Council.  Last year they awarded me E200 for professional development and this was extremely welcome funding which went towards my expenses for the international symposium Felt in Focus.  Finances are very tight here in Ireland and it is brilliant that the local authorities are still prepared to fund certain individual and group artistic indeavours to benefit our local community.


3 thoughts on “My super soft yak scarf and preparing submission for an Arts Act Grant

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Good luck on your submission for the grant…I’ll be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you…Now there’s a sight!


  2. Hello Nicola,

    You certainly have had several nicks this winter compounded by all the cold and snow. Good luck (does one say that to an Irish person? 😉 ) on your grant writing. You are so active on many fronts and then, compounded by your passion and talent how, could they pass you over and give the grant to someone else? Each time I read a new endeavor, workshop or demonstration I am amazed by your energy and tireless enthusiasm for uncovering the mysteries of the ancient felt cloth making.


  3. Hi Nicola, good luck with your submission.
    I’ve just spent the past few hours hand carding some Yak down to make a scarf. It’s going to end up quite thin/lumpy/holey as I haven’t quite got the knack of carding yet, but it’s just so soft I can’t resist 🙂

    Have a lovely day
    Sandy xo

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