Pictures of felt sculpture in progress

Not much writing today due to time constraints, plenty of pictures!

Three layers of resist stitched together


One side removed to create five sided resist.

Laying and wetting out the various sides


Fiddly to lay out at the top and bottom of the stitching.

Opening the felt package to remove the resist


I removed the resist from the bottom centre.  This demonstrates why the stitching needs to be secure, you don’t want the resist to have disintegrated by this stage!

Resist removed


Now for the hard work fulling and shaping the felt! 

More pictures to follow in the next post!

11 thoughts on “Pictures of felt sculpture in progress

  1. Great pictures, now I have a vague idea of what it takes to make such a three dimensional piece, mainly a lot of work. Are you doing all the edges like in making hats?
    very impressive , I like it already even unformed…lol

  2. All I can say Nicola, is OH MY GOSH!!!What an undertaking! I can see right now that this will be awsome when it is done. What size is this??? It is hard to tell from the picture how big this will be when completed.

    You can have no water, snow up to your hips, and whatever else going on, and you are still finding a way to felt! I love it………….looking forward to every message.


  3. now it is two days later than this post, and I imagine you are still at the felting and fulling process lol…it is a slog doing those three dimensional pieces..and that one looks big …we eagerly await your pics…lol

  4. hello Nicola,

    can’t wait to see the end result. thank you for the many inspiring projects and tutorials that have helped me in getting to grips with felting and the creative process.


  5. I have made myself one, your explination was very clear, although I didn’t read it very well, cause I just read you had used prepared layers – anyway it did turned out very well and I like it very much. I shall wait with publishing untill you have posted yours, and ofcourse like to mention you as my ‘tutor’! So thanks a lot again!

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