No heat now and planning a large felt sculpture

Agh, now my heat has gone this morning so no water at all plus no heat today = no felting until services resume on Tuesday with the planned arrival of the plumber yet again!  I did manage to carry up enough water from my neighbours yesterday morning to use in the experimental nuno felting workshop (all went well) but have decided to put some time into planning a LARGE felt sculpture over the next two days and not drag tonnes of water up the hill and wear myself out with all the effort!! 

Small felt sculpture


For this large sculptural piece I am going to expand on the technique I learnt from amazing Icelandic felter Anna Gunnarsdottier at the large felt sculpture workshop I attended last July at the Felt in Focus Symposium in Denmark.  As you can see, the small green and maroon sculpture which I made just after Christmas is three sided and by using Anna’s technique of multiple resists stitched together it is possible to get huge finished pieces with multiple sides, the only limit is how large you can visualise the finished sculpture to be!  I want to make a submission for Sculpture in Context again and also work towards something unusual and creative for the Annual RDS Crafts Competition (Royal Dublin Society).  Anna also showed us how it was possible to mend and repair our three dimensional pieces anywhere they were weak, this has opened up loads of avenues because she really appeared to ‘rescue’ work which previously I would have thought was totally beyond redemption.  By applying this repair technique it means that I can be much more adventures with my shapes than I otherwise might have been so over the next few days I want to plot, plan and challenge myself in preparation for Tuesdays resumption of services and my first large felt sculpture of 2010!


8 thoughts on “No heat now and planning a large felt sculpture

  1. I have seen these three dimensional sculptures on sites with European felters and wondered how they were done…they were making wonderful three sides huge pods and I just could grasp what the technique was…so you have the tricks…I am so excited…I read your blog every morning with my coffee, and you are so inspiring, and so reliable with your daily blogs…here’s hoping you have heat and water today..good luck..

  2. I feel so sorry for you – it is like living in the jungle…. I hope you still have an oldfashioned stove or fireplace, good luck with all that inconvenience. Your new work sounds very interesting, have tried some with multiple resist, but making it 3-D was not that easy. I guess it is al about expierence, try and learn…

  3. Good morning Nicola,

    I’m sure you’ll be happy to put this chapter of home woes behind you. You have the patience of a saint. I’d have probably pulled all my hair out by now!

    Can’t wait to see your new project…Loved the work you made in Anna’s class last summer. Great use of your time (planning) while you’re awaiting the plumber.


  4. I totally love this piece. What are the approximate dimensions? I might have to give this a try, however without attending the workshop, the process is bit foggy. You have such an imagination and inventiveness even in the midst of the inconvenient disruptions.


  5. Here’s hoping you don’t have to battle against the odds too much longer – looking forward to seeing what you tackle in the large sculpture. How to remedy weak spots -now that’s a good secret to have!

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