Continuing hardships but felt and fibre reign!

A really quick post while I have sketchy internet connectivity.  Over the last couple of days I have had no internet, no water, no central heating and no electricity although thankfully the electricity and central heating are back although the water and internet is still a problem!  As soon as the internet is back to normal I will update you with …..

  • a tutorial to make the simplest felt slippers from a rectangle of flat felt although don’t make two right feet like I did yesterday!!
  • give full details for the Lyda Rump workshops, she will be bringing her own hand dyed silks and they are FABULOUS!
  • update you with the latest images of my second weaving project which will co-ordinate with the bag which I am going to create incorporating felting and weaving

Until then …….


7 thoughts on “Continuing hardships but felt and fibre reign!

  1. Nicola
    Here’s hoping your snow and ice eases up as I am really looking forward to the slippers. Our heat wave has eased off and thankfully it is raining, hopefully that will put out most of the bushfire about 30 km’s from us yesterday.

  2. Hoping today’s the day that all of your heat, water, internet, and electrical problems all resolve themselves. You have been put to the test and I must say that you’ve passed with flying colors! You are amazing…Still creating, with all that you have going on (or should I say, not going on). I’d be hibernating under a pile of blankets by now! Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that all will improve today.


  3. Nicola, I can totally relate, my power was off for 5 days and I made the mistake of ticking off the customer service person so I got pushed to the back of the line when restoration was possible! However, two down duvets and a whippet made things cozy at night. Karen

  4. Jesus, girl you have had a really hard time with this weather. Dingle is in the country, but I am in Dingle town and so we only had one power outage during the wind storms a couples weeks ago. We are conserving water, but again the town has public water supply. My friends have had their well water frozen every day until 11am…!!

    I am very interested in the slippers tutorial…..maybe the Lyda Rump class….

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