Creating a mosaic with prefelts

My sister requested a table runner for her Christmas present and this morning I decided to use up some of the left over prefelts to create a mosaic style mat.  The prefelts were felted from chocolate, turquoise and natural coloured Icelandic wool and my first job was to cut them into 5cm squares using my cutting mat and a rotary cutter.  I then cut about a quarter of them on the diagonal before deciding on the layout I wanted for the simple mosaic design.  The prefelts were quite thick and this definitely helped when butting the edges together.  Once they were laid out I wet the design lightly with very soapy cool water, none of the squares or triangles shifted so I moved on to the next stage.  To felt the whole design together I decided on a light layer of the natural coloured wool as a backing.  The Icelandic batts are so easy to use, no stress getting fibres aligned, just pull out a wad and lay it down!  Once this was done I added some more soapy water, it is amazing how much soap this wool needs compared to merino but once the felting process starts the fibres lock down very tightly and very quickly.  I actually was amazed at how everything held together almost immediately, this was the first time that I had used dry Icelandic prefelts (last time I made them and used them wet immediately) and the whole process took only about 30 minutes after laying out the design to rinsing out the completed felt mat!  The natural coloured wool for the backing created a nice edge to the design and this style of mosaic flat felting is definitely an idea to play around with some more, photos to follow tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Creating a mosaic with prefelts

  1. OOOOO I love mosaics!!! I am on the edge of my seat to see pics, as a table runner sounds fun to own. Now, that I have been felting for a year, I indeed have scraps or even sorry pieces that need CPR for a new life or better yet pieces that need cutting into scraps. … the things I never photographed.

  2. I can’t wait to see the pic, too…..that’s a project I have been wanting to try. Maybe I should get some of the Icelandic wool and give it a go, also. I have been crocheting with some but the batts are different…

  3. Gah! Am agog for pictures. Would love to make a table runner at the next Pick Up Your Needles in Tinahely on 21st Feb, or at least make a start. I’m thinking of flower pieces in bright colours felted onto a neutral background, grey or green maybe.

    Ah. Pictures!

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