Two images from New Year’s Day 2010 at Clasheen

My water is running, thanks so much to Joe Power who came over on New Year’s day to make my day!  The luxury of turning on the tap, flushing the toilets, felting some fingerless mittens, washing some clothes, the list goes on …….

It’s a couple of minutes before 7pm here in Ireland and I thought that just before I rush off to put some food in the oven I would share two of the photos that I took today.  Tomorrow I will post about the fingerless mittens that I made but for now here are some pictures of the start of a new decade here at Clasheen!

Oak plantation on New Year's Day 2010

Little felt lampshades all lit up


5 thoughts on “Two images from New Year’s Day 2010 at Clasheen

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    Yippeee! Oh, it is a Happy New Year! I can’t even imagine how elated you must be to have water again. We’ve had our pipes freeze a couple of times when the temps drop really low, and I’m always more than thankful for it’s return.

    Love the lamp! It’s gorgeous!!!


  2. I simply wait each day for your email to pop up! I love your work and hope that when we come to England next year, I
    can schedule it so that it coincides with at least one of your workshops in Ireland!

    The light is simply magical…you have magic hands I swear,lol!!

    I love making wristlets so I will wait til tomorrow to see yours..

    Warm wishes from Canada,

  3. Happy New Year Nicole! I’m relieved to hear that you’re back to normal with your water and heat – required basics for sure! While you were going through all your trials, you sounded like a Pioneer woman! I just really love your felt flower lamp – I WANT one!

  4. I have been thinking how much we take things for granted that we use every day. I can’t possibly imagine not having running water in the house even though it was not that long ago that my great grand parents had to tote water from the well. As a child, visiting their house was always an unique and strange event for me. It is like not having Internet, or a phone totally unimaginable. Glad you are back online and have resumed your felting. I am amazed at all the people you have taught to felt. I hope in 2010 I can get back to teaching.

  5. Nicola,

    I am thrilled to have found an Irishwoman with by far the best felting site ever….congratulations!!!Being new to felting I find your pictures very helpful but I love the one on New Year’s Day…thank you…I have brought a bit of Ireland into my home to start my year off…being Irish myself it can only mean good luck. Stay warm….spring is not far…

    Ginny in the USA

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