Latex soles for felt slippers, cold spell continues and Happy New Year!

Last night I decided not to light my wood burning stove first thing this morning and try to get some household chores out of the way as a less expensive way of keeping myself warm!  Needless to say it wasn’t long before I decided on a little textile diversion and in the continuing absense of water had a go at painting latex on the soles of some warm felt slippers which I had made for myself earlier in the year.  Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will realise it is these little finishing touches that I find very difficult to get out of the way, add in a touch of sewing and they really are my worst nightmare come to life!  Anyway, I made the slippers last spring using some gorgeous gotland (which someone has now told me might shrink further as I wear them) and I had promised myself that I wouldn’t wear them until I had added a latex sole for extra durability and waterproofing qualities. 

Painting latex on the soles of felt slippers

They also need one stitch at the back of each heel, this is to hold the tongue of felt (just visible in the picture) into a nice decorative curl, somewhat Turkish looking is what I am aiming for.  I havn’t used latex before but believe that I need to paint about 5 layers to achieve a really good sole, Tone from Ullform in Norway also said that she sprinkles a layer of ground maize (hope I have that right!) over the final coat and that this adds quite a bit of grip to the bottom of the sole. 

The heavy wind and rain from yesterday has finally abated, now we just have sleet here and snow on the mountains surrounding Clasheen.  Thankfully I managed to speak to the friend who services my Rayburn and he gave me a couple of tests to carry out which indicates that my central heating system is actually working.  I still don’t have any heat in the rads however but have now got a man organised to check the pump in the well tomorrow morning so hopefully if we can get the water going and the pressure tank up and running things might get back to normal soon.  I can only keep my fingers crossed!  Obviously from all the messages that I am receiving many of you from all over the world have your own weather difficulties, some actually having drought and excessive temperatures, the exact opposite to what we are having here.  It is nice to feel part of a wider community although obviously I would prefer if no-one had any problems in the weather department at all!

Finally I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful New Year.  Enjoy any festivities that you have planned for this evening and hopefully we will all have a fantastic time felting and enjoying our various art practices throughout 2010!


6 thoughts on “Latex soles for felt slippers, cold spell continues and Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Nicola!!! And I hope part of that happiness begins today with your your water being restored.

    Oh, and by the way, I can totally relate to all of your woes when it comes to those dog-gone finishing details. It’s about been my un-doing a few times, and sewing, well I’d better not even think about that. Even with my reading glasses, I have the hardest time threading those pesky needles!

    Thanks so much for all of the great posts throughout the year…You’re a gift!


  2. Love to read your blog Nicola, hope you are back to “normal” soon with water and heat. Love the latex soles idea …let us know what you think of them when your finished. Happy Felting Year 🙂



  3. Hope you had a good time over the holidays! Cant wait to see how the slipers look. I haven’t used latex before either but I hear that does make a difference in the finnal product…

  4. Hi Nicola – Happy New Year. I hope you are keeping warm. I just posted a note on our blog about latex soles, I tried to add the photo to your comment box but couldn’t so thought I’d stick it up on our blog. You have been busy! I love reading about your work – fiar play to you. Have you thought about coming to the IFA AGM in Italy in May? There is a fantastic programme – give it some thought!!! Load of love – Sheila x

  5. Hello! Interested in adding the latex soles to some slippers I’ve felted, but not sure exactly what type to get. Someone suggested using the clear tub caulking and then comb the surface to allow some “grip” but it looks like you are using something that maybe more fabric/textile compatible. Any and all ideas is appreciated! :o) ~JoAnn

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