Amazing Clasheen Winter Swap update, no water, no central heating and in lock down mode with weather alert!

The first pictures are now being uploaded to our Clasheen Swap group on Flickr and I have to say that there have been amazing packages winging their way to swap partners all around the world.  Many of the participants decided to wait until 25th December to open their goodies and boy does it seem as if the wait was worthwhile!  Check out the discussion board to read what people sent and recieved and then search through the group photos to see some of the great images of packages in various stages of unwrap.  Once all the thank yous and photos are posted to the group I will upload details of our first swap for 2010!

I didn’t post yesterday about my lack of water but today the situation is even worse so I am now officially entering Clasheen lockdown mode!  On returning from my sister’s on Sunday I discovered that the water supply had stopped, probably from ice somewhere along the line from the well to the water pressure tank.  The ground temperatures have been as low as -9C which is totally unheard of for Ireland so it probably is not surprising that this situation has occured.  Unfortunately my central heating has now gone on the blink this morning but luckily I have the range and a great small wood burning stove so cooking and huddling in front of these are my best bet for now!  The weather outside is currently exceptionally windy and wet and heavy snow is forecast for the next couple of days.  I am praying that the rain will defrost the ground sufficiently for my pipes to unfreeze and then I will be able to fill both baths prior to all the snow, bleed the radiatiors, run the washing machine and have a warm and relaxing bath to round off the day.  Failing a thaw I will just keep the stove lighting as much as possible and get water from my neighbours farmhouse, if I have no water tomorrow I will also beg a bath!  I have rigged up a duvet cover over the front door to try and eliminate the draft and now I have discovered that I don’t have enough putty around one of my upstairs window panes so I have some towels held in place by toiletry bottles to help with the draft and soak up some of the water that is making it’s way inside the window.  My french doors on the north east side of the studio are also leaking badly (this is the current direction of the wind) so overall I will be glad if it actually snows and this horrible windy rain stops, at least then it might be dry but cold!

Felting has obviously taken a backseat due to lack of water and total chaos in the kitchen but if things are not better tomorrow I am going to start some kind of project and use a bucket of water which I will collect from my neighbours.  Withdrawal symptoms have definitely set in on the textile side of things as I prepare for the snow but possibly things will get back to some kind of normality if my water returns this afternoon!

8 thoughts on “Amazing Clasheen Winter Swap update, no water, no central heating and in lock down mode with weather alert!

  1. Those old scraps of felt are great for stuffing into drafty holes…lol…you have my sympathies as this occasionally happens here on our west coast island, and we all come to a grinding halt…good luck on the pipes..and keeping warm..happy New Year Nicole, to you and yours and thanks so much for all your are an endless source of avoiding cooking and cleaning. lol

  2. Hi am a new reader to your blog and enjoy it very much. Just had to let you know after reading your post that I am in Australia and the weather here today is going to be 35C and rather than puting up things to stop the draught Im putting up shade cloth to protect the veggies from the sun, we also have no water, but because of drought and are bucketing to the garden. I will also be huddling inside today to avoid the heat.Its so interesting to hear all the winter tales from the other side of the world. Ros

  3. I hear ya, honey! It is pretty desperate in Dingle! I am in the foothills of the mountains and we have very wet snow, but the hills and mountains are all white and God knows what we will have in the morning. I have a fairly new house and the wind is whistling through it. Its warm now, but it was freezing all day.

    I hope your water gets sorted soon. I think we are supposed to have this weather all week????

  4. We just drove thru a snowstorm in Oregon and Northern California, driving home from Washington to southern California. Glad we made it thru when we did as they were expecting 10″ of snow overnight, and we are in our motorhome driving south. Hopefully your water, wind and snow problems are better in the morning and you can get back to felting. Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this past year and wore your scarf that I bought from you over Christmas. Loved it!!!

    Happy WARM New Year!!!


  5. Aaah well! You have my symapthy! Here in the other hemisphere it is warm, sunny and the bushfire season. Haven’t had any (bushfires) here in Tasmania yet, but no doubt we will as summer drags on. Sounds all a bit bothersome having to deal with no water. Poor you.

  6. My goodness, when it rains, it pours, literally. I’m so glad that you have a woodstove (and kind neighbors).

    Are there some sort of emergency services available? And we all know that this is an emergency…Feltmaking withdrawal is a terrible thing! All kidding aside, I hope that your water & heat are up and running in short order.

    Stay warm.

  7. Hi well up here in Teasdale I am too snowed in but so far fingers crossed have water,heat but not an awful lot of food –hahah a thinnner Chrissie.
    seriously it is so beautiful I do not mind today but it may get tiresome soon.depends if elecrtirc goes and my blogging updates get jammed.
    have made new blog at to bring all my blogs under 1 roof.
    Good luck with the weather Nicola hope your neighbours come up trumps.

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