My niece’s first time felting!

This morning my four and a half year old niece and I sat down to create her first piece of flat felt! 

Working directly on the wet felt

I had brought two large bags of Icelandic wool with me (the same wool as I use for the flat felting kits which I sell from my Etsy store) and we decided to draw a butterfly on top of a bright red background.  Even though she is so young we had no problems laying out two even layers of red wool and then I created an outline for the butterfly using strips of black wool which I rolled slightly against my leg first. 

Rolling the felt together

My niece then had great fun filling in the outline with purple wool overlaid with sparkly pink and white acrylic yarn.  We decided that the butterfly needed a head so she choose a nice turquoise for this and then I added fun black feelers to complete the picture.  We rubbed and rolled for a little while together and within a very short space of time had created a wonderful piece of flat felt to frame, wasn’t it a great first effort?

The beautiful finished butterfly!

For those of you who might be interested, the scarf that I am wearing is made from the softest yummy yak that I bought from Blas and Jamie from Urban Fauna Studio in San Fransisco, buy some if you can!

6 thoughts on “My niece’s first time felting!

  1. Yeah Nicola…Start them young. Another fantastic feltmaker in the family! I love the beautiful butterfly (and your scarf, too:-)

    Glad you made it safely to your sister’s home, and hope you’re able to totally relax…Looks like you’re off to a great start.


  2. I must admit I noticed the yummy scarf right off and wondered if it was your creation as it looks sooooo very soft. What a nice auntie you are providing a rich experience for Sophie. The butterfly is packed with fun and wrapped in a warm memory. I am off to celebrate Christmas dinner and gift exchange with family. Cheerio. Deb

  3. What an adoraqble little girl and what fond memories she will have of her ‘first felted’ piece. Yes, we need more info on the scarf. It looks very interesting and soft. Reminds me to do this with my ‘short people'(grandkids)……what a fun project.


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