Happy Christmas everyone!

Happy Christmas to all of you who celebrate this festive season! 

I almost didn’t get to travel to my sister’s house yesterday as we had such bad ice in Ballybrack that I couldn’t get up the hill in my local village and had to abandon my truck at the village church car park.  Luckily there is an old mass path through the fields under my house so I was able to walk home the short way and not around the lethal roads!  Several other intrepid travellers had to turn back also but after a couple of hours warming myself at home I set off through the fields again and was eventually able to drive to Dublin by a much longer but safer route.

Rex is being looked after by friends Marie, Fin and their families so I am going to stay for another two nights with my family here and then back to Ballybrack and back to felting!  Thanks to everyone who has left Christmas messages here, on Flickr and also through my email.  It is wonderful to have so many virtual and real friends from all over the world, I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and Happy New Year!


Please comment if you feel like it, I love the interactive nature of my blog!

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