Felting workshop – gorgeous felt flowers and super new soap!

At Saturday morning’s workshop Hilary made some gorgeous felt flowers and we tried out a super new soap! 

Hilary's gorgeous felt flowers!


Because there were only the two of us (unfortunately the other participants were not able to make it) I was able to show Hilary how I usually lay out my wool and then we would both make a flower, Hilary following my lead.  We started with some simple rolled flowers as described in Lizzie Houghton’s book ‘Felting Fashion’ and then went on to make flowers using a resist to create two layers of petals.  After this we made a felt ball and then finished up the session creating another flower but this time incorporating a glass bead to form a focal point in the centre. 

During the morning we tried out a new natural soap which Hilary had discovered during the week in her local Lidl supermarket.  This ‘Suhada’ brand rice/bamboo soap is part of a new range that Lidl are currently stocking and contains amongst other ingredients palm oil, coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil.  I found it excellent to work with, soft on my skin like olive oil soap and if anything you needed to use even less than with olive oil soap, it lathered very well.  The liquid ‘brown’ soap that I had brought back from Denmark in the summer contains palm oil but this is the first time that I have known of any product with similar ingredients being for sale anywhere in my locality, I will be stocking up and advise you all to do the same! 

Felt flower with multiple stamens


Check out my Flickr photos to see more images of the flowers that we made. 

I still need to finish stringing the felt balls onto the ribbon yarn, why do I find it so difficult to add these little finishing touches???


4 thoughts on “Felting workshop – gorgeous felt flowers and super new soap!

  1. Good morning Nicola,

    The felt flowers are lovely. What I want to know is where the pictures were taken? The photo looks lush and tropical, actually green showing… Where’s the snow? If you’re running low, I’d be able to share a bit of mine:-)

    I know exactly what you mean about those final finishing touches. I’m definitely a procrastinator in that area. My big bug-a-boo is tagging and pricing items. Uggghh…By the time I get around to doing it, it takes forever.

    Hope your week is off to a good start.


  2. Morning Dawn,

    I took the photos outside in my garden. The shrub is my old faithful rosemary which I use for cooking, taking photos against and also to pluck big sprigs to have in my bath! Unfortunately all our snow went the day after it arrived so I would love to share a bit of yours if that would be possible!!


  3. Nicola,
    The Flowers are so bright and cheerful they whisk away the dreary blahs of winter’s cold and brownness. They are like wildflowers and can easily be overshadowed yet here they are sweet and tender. Thank you for sharing these stupendous items of joy with us. I have yet to attempt to make flowers and have had several items that would benefit from a felted flower. It is a good thing we do not live closer, I would be at your studio everyday. 🙂

  4. Be careful you don’t become addicted to making flowers Deb once you start. I actually wish that I was within striking distance of your studio, we could felt all day, every day!!


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